ODAN – Deception and Drugs in Opus Dei

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Letter 1

RE: URGENT – ———-* program with ———-

Dear Ms. DiNicola:

We are a group of parents and others who have been associated with Opus Dei and their schools and who have been negatively affected because of our contact with this organization.   We have been reading your website for some time and, for obvious reasons, we need to remain anonymous.

Some of us have students at ——— and ——– and would not want our children to be singled out or hurt because of this letter.  Others of us have been participants in circles and evenings of recollection believing that we would be spiritually fed.  Suffice it to say that, in our sincere quest for better religious formation for our children and for spiritual direction for ourselves, we became a part of Opus Dei’s web of lies and deceit.  At first their message was appealing.  What we have found is totally the opposite.  This is why we are communicating with you; we believe that you will understand and will want to help because you yourself have been a victim of Opus Dei.

——program “——-“, which is televised on—– will be airing a piece about Opus Dei and its schools early in —— (perhaps —–, but we are not certain of this date).  They visited both schools last week and spent a great deal of time interviewing hand-picked students and the heads of school in order to give a positive spin on what Opus Dei is doing in ——.  Needless to say, this will be a very one-sided presentation.  The other face of this vile organization that destroys the souls of trusting believers of the Catholic faith must be exposed.  We certainly hope and pray that you and your organization can be of assistance in bringing the truth about “the work” out in the open.  “——-“ is a prime opportunity to do this.

Please don’t allow another wave of lies and false self-serving statements cover up what this group is all about; increase in their ranks, abuse of power, monetary gain, political clout and absolute control of the souls and intellects of wonderfully trusting individuals.

For the sake of our children and for the future of the Church, we beg ODAN to contact —–and ——–and tell the world what Opus Dei really means and what its goals are.  Don’t permit this to be a report filled with pretense and more untruths.  Please, please help us!

Accept our most sincere gratitude for all that you do through your website to bring light to this serious problem.  You are providing a valuable source of Truth.  The good Lord has used your painful experiences with this organization to help so many others who have daily struggles with Opus Dei and do not know where to turn for help, support and direction.  God Bless you.

Sincerely yours,

Concerned Friends And Parents Of Students Enrolled in Opus Dei Schools

*  Names, places, and times have been withheld in order to protect the anonymity of the authors.   


Posted May 10, 2006