The Legionaries of Christ/Regnum Christi

The Legionaries of Christ founder Father Marcial Maciel Degollado has been forbidden by the Vatican
to engage in any public ministry in the wake of allegations made by several individuals that Maciel
had sexually molested them over a period of time that encompasses decades.  A recent article states that
the most serious charge against Maciel is that he absolved in confession some of the boys he is accused
of abusing. ODAN has received many inquiries over the years about the Legion and its sister group,
Regnum Christi, which operate in very similar, cult-like ways to Opus Dei. 

For further information, there is a group called “ReGAIN” which states the following as its mission:

ReGAIN’s mission is to outreach, unite and support those touched or adversely affected by the Legion of Christ
and Regnum Christi Movement. Past and present members and all those who quest for justice and truth,
resolution and healing are invited to join in this endeavor.

Articles About Legionaries of Christ/Regnum Christi:

Note:  The authors of the next two articles, Jason Berry and Gerald Renner, conducted a
special investigation of the Legionaries’ of Christ in the 1990’s and as a result, published
an article in 1997 in The Hartford Courant.  In addition, Berry and Renner wrote a book
published in 2004Vows of Silence in which the Legion of Christ and the allegations of
sexual abuse by Legion founder Maciel comprised a large part.  For more information
about Berry and Renner and their dealings with the Legion of Christ: 

Maciel devotees resist Vatican ruling
by Jason Berry, National Catholic Reporter, June 2, 2006

Maciel Escapes Harshest Actions
by Gerald Renner, Hartford Courant, May 20, 2006

Accusers of Legionaries’ founder say Vatican is too lenient, sent wrong message
by Jason Lange, Catholic News Service, May 26, 2006

The Pope’s Good Call on Sexual Abuse
Time.com by David van Biema, May 23, 2006

Vatican acts against long-accused Legionaries founder
CathNews, May 19, 2006

Vatican Disciplines Founder of Order Over Abuse Charges
The New York Times, by Ian Fisher and Laurie Goodstein, May 20, 2006

Vatican restricts ministry of Legionaries priest founder:
Move seen as confirmation of sex abuse allegations
against Maciel
National Catholic Reporter by John L. Allen, Jr., May 18, 2006

Communique Concerning Founder of Legionaries of Christ
Vatican City, May 19, 2006
This is the actual statement issued by the Vatican regarding Maciel.

The Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement in
response to the communique of the Holy See renew their
commitment to serve the Church
This is the official response given by the Legionaries.

Posted May 23, 2006

Revised June 9, 2006